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Diamond Grinding Machine Business for sale

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Diamond grinding wheels and grinding wheels from nitride of a boron (CBN) it is one of kinds of the grinding tool playing a considerable role in an industry. This kind of the tool has the different shapes, but the diameters of wheels (for example type 1-1) limit by the size in 600 mms. Below we present maximum diameters of wheels of the given type, issued by several large corporations: 
Company Country Type Dia. (mm/inch) 
WINTER Germany 1A1 600 
TYROLIT Germany 1A1 600 
Diamond USA 1A1 20 
DIAMENTPOL Poland 1A1 350 
Wheels of greater diameter is problematic enough, and sometimes it is impossible to make, using conventional technology of pressing and sintering. The large ovens and presses high-power modulation are indispensable. 
The customary abrasive wheels from silicon carbide or other materials are made in diameters 1m and more. Such wheels are widely applied on large grinding machines. Their main lack is, that they few-effective at grinding modern super-hard materials such, for example, as coating from WC+Co. Besides, even at grinding bulky articles from customary steels often dressing of a wheel is required, that reduces productivity and machining accuracy. 
Our firm A.Termika Ltd has elaborated a new technology of manufacturing of diamond or CBN of grinding wheels. The abrasive working layer is put by a method gas-thermal of deposition of mixes diamond powder - bond or powder from CBN - bond. The time of deposition of an abrasive layer takes, depending on the size of a wheel and thickness of a layer, from several minutes (wheels of small diameters) till several o'clock (wheels of diameters more than 800 mms) .On a fig. 1 are submitted diamond abrasive wheels of the different shapes and sizes manufactured on technology of A.Termika Ltd. 
The pattern of a diamond layer marked by gas-thermal method is shown on a fig. 2. The pattern has a definite porosity .Size of a porosity can be regulated by means of variation of parameters of deposition. 
For the given technology diameter of a wheel has no value. We can deposit diamond grinding wheels and wheels from CBN of any diameter .On a fig. 3 the process of deposition of a diamond layer on a wheel type 1?1 (a diameter of 1000 mms and thickness of 40 mms) is shown. 
Essential advantage of the given technology is the capability to deposit diamond or CBN an abrasive layer directly on a grinding machine. The wheel does not need to be removed. After wearing of an abrasive diamond layer, it is possible to deposit a new layer directly on a grinder. Besides, you directly on a grinding machine, can deposit diamond or CBN a layer with the grit size and concentration, necessary to you. 
For realization of any separate operation it is possible to deposit a diamond or CBN layer of small thickness - 0.3-0.4 of mm (it take 20-30 min). After fulfillment of an operation the layer can be removed by diamond dresser. 
Moreover, it is possible to deposit diamond or CBN a layer on a working surface of a customary abrasive wheel from silicon carbide or from other material. Also, after realization of grinding operation the given layer can be removed. 
Thus there is no necessity to store in warehouse abrasive diamond or CBN wheels of large dia. It is enough to have instrumentation for gas-thermal deposition and set of mixes a diamond - bond and CBN - bond. 
Thus technology by A.Termika Ltd essentially reams capabilities diamond and CBN grinding. 
Price: £292166-£584462

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We are looking for a buyer/investor for the joint development of the technology and the organization of large-scale production

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Israel. Nesher

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