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Dry Cleaning Plant Laundromat Work And Clothing Sales Store For Sale (Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada) Asking Price:£$399,000

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Dry Cleaning Plant Laundromat Work And Clothing Sales Store For Sale

Revenue £$100k - $250k, Net Profit £$100k - $250k, Established 18 Years

Business Details:

Full service cleaning plant with self serve Laundromat at the side of drop and wash full service washing of customer’s garments. Work vesture sales are provided like high visibility attire, coveralls and general work wear. the shop provides the specialty flame resistant clothes and wool coveralls for the metal business with connections to several wholesale makers. 
The store is found in a very two,325 square measure building not far away to a brewage and wine store that helps usher in traffic. 
All permits area unit current and up to this point and are with current homeowners of the building for the past eighteen years. A now no advertising or selling is being done, that the sky is the limit to try to to promotions, business to business selling, drive further revenues and traffic below new management. 
Competition/Market professionals and Cons: 
Small town (9000 people), with uncountable construction, three work camps and therefore the nearest competition is thirty seven miles away within the next city over. There area unit native, consistent regular customers returning week in, week out and new customers returning in daily from out of city to figure on the comes setting out. the shop is presently terribly busy and obtaining a lot of and a lot of traffic by the week. 
The location is superb with uncountable traffic and demand within the several communities. All financial gain are verifiable via accountant tax records or just looking at the business operate throughout your due diligence amount once associate degree accepted provide. 
All instrumentation within the search is in nice form, dependable, clean and well organized with a replacement ten horsepower boiler (2013) and plight tank (2012). the most cleansing machine is associate degree environmentally safe perc machine with a control system system. The search has everything you wish to run a self-made plant. 


Competition: No competition within the immediate space.

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Any Expansion potential

There is the potential to provide construction camp services such as large volume coverall cleaning,

Reasons for selling

Present Owners Retiring

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2,325 square foot building


Business Location details

Kitimat B.C. in the uptown shopping centre.

Competition / Market

Small town (9000 people), with lots of construction, 3 work camps and the nearest competitor is 37 m

Trading hours

Mon - Fri 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Sunday 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Any Support & training

Support and Training will be offered up to 3 months.

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