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  • Pharmaceutical Lab And Medicine Manufacturer In Mexico For Sale
    Guadalajara, Mexico
    Asking Price:£$16,000,000Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£

    For sale mexican pharmaceutical laboratory. Manufactures pill pills (Paracetamol-acetaminophen, naproxen, glibenclamide, ranitidine, enalapril, topiramate, … etc. among many others). wonderful producing instrumentation Best market producing

  • Plastic sales Recycling consultancy business
    Banjul, Gambia
    Asking Price:£1000Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£500$ - 1,000$ per month o

    If you're committed to helping the environment and want to make extra cash in the process, a plastic recycling business could be a terrific startup for you. You have many options, depending on how much time, energy and money you want to invest

  • Yacht Business for sale
    Ontario, Canada
    Asking Price:£60500Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£10,000-50,000 monthly ren

    We are a ligitimate Yacht sales agency and we are offering 5 different yachts for sale with a price range from 200,500$- 580,000$, slightly used but in great condition as it is mostly owned by business moguls. It will be available for turn over by

  • Virgin Coconut oil business for sale
    Phom Pehn, Cambodia
    Asking Price:£1000Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£

    We are producing Pure Virgin Coconut oil, can help reduce skin blemishes and diseases as a topical solution, may also reduce risk against cancer when taken regularly. We are manufacturing it in big volumes now and we are looking for buyers to buy

  • Drainage Channel Main-contractor Business for sale and bid
    Sofia, Bulgaria
    Asking Price:£25000Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£150,000

    We are a private company developing a 25 acre property and we are in the process of preparing the base land for major industrial structures, part of it is the construction of Drain Channels of approximately 1.5 kilometers length, we have the desig

  • Curtain Sub-contractor Business for Sale
    Sucri, Bolivia
    Asking Price:£1000Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£8,000 minimum per transac

    We have been awarded a tender for Government owned hostel to do all their Curtains design, sewing and installation, we want to find another company to help us do the sewing and installation, we are offering 8,000$ worth of projects, we will requir

  • PVC Pipe Business for Export Sales
    canberra, Australia
    Asking Price:£10000Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£3000

    We are supplying PVC pipes at a very attractive pricing, we have been exporting it to the USA, UK, Indonesia, Hongkong and Singapore and if you wish to be import too we will arrange freight for you, if you have a hardware shop and you want us to s

  • Furniture business for export sales
    Oranjestad, Aruba
    Asking Price:£1000Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£300

    If you are looking for a Furniture manufacturer to supply you then we are the right company to provide your needs, we make furnitures for Houses, Schools, Offices, Churches, Mosques and many more, we offer Quality Durable and modern furnitures, we

  • Battery Business for sale/distributor
    Yerevan, Armenia
    Asking Price:£200Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£500-1,000 per month

    We are looking for distributors or wholesalers to market our battery supplies, we are carrying multiple brands and we need more sales volume, you can get the supplies from us and we will only charge you 3% from supplier price, you cannot purchase

  • Profitable Shipping & Packing Retail Store For Sale
    Baden-Baden, Germany
    Asking Price:£298,000Sales Revenue :£290,000Net Profit :£134,000

    It’s a Well managed and successful postal, shipping and business services retail store located in a growing  area. The high volume of customers includes a good mix of regular customers, retail walk-in, and local businesses. This is

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