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  • Services For Sale
    Oklahoma, United States
    Asking Price:£58276Sales Revenue :£177452Net Profit :£24476

    The current owner is ready to walk away and pursue other interests, leaving $300,000 worth of contracts open for a new buyer. Asking $100,000, this sale includes a bucket truck in great condition valued at $60,000 and $100,000 worth of service con

  • Services For Sale
    Southeast Oklahoma, Oklahoma, United States
    Asking Price:£218537Sales Revenue :£413501Net Profit :£22727

    This retail business, located in southeast Oklahoma, sells animal feed and farm supplies. They specialize in feed and hay for livestock, horses, chickens, dogs & cats. This business carries a wide variety of products that are essential to farm

  • Services For Sale
    New York, United States
    Asking Price:£87415Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£

    This is a niche service company with multiple sources of revenue and a strong repeat client base. No experience is required to operate this business and no special licenses are required.  This is primarily a referral based business and th

  • Badminton Court Business for Sale
    Abuja, Nigeria
    Asking Price:£70500Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£

    Our Company is giving up its full rights to a badminton court and Club as it plans to manage another sport facility soon, for only 70,500$ you will be able to operate the badminton court and club for a contract of 4 years renewable, the Court fees

  • Company Stocks Exchange Shares for Sale
    Wellington, New Zealand
    Asking Price:£10000Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£

    We are selling some of our Stock Market Assets at very appealing rate, this is a good investment as the stocks receive generous dividends per quarter and the Stock price is not going down ever since, the price is stable and the Dividends are assur

  • Balloon Supply business for Sale
    Dublin, Ireland
    Asking Price:£500Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£

    If you have a production outfit/ events studio/ or magic show business and need balloon supply, we have all the latest designs in very elegant colours that your guest will surely love, our balloons are made of refined latex with scents making the

  • Aircon Repair Business for Sale
    Lithgow, Australia
    Asking Price:£Available on requestSales Revenue :£Available on requestNet Profit :£Available on request

    At Damco, we understand that awareness, regulation and alertness are key words in organizing the shop supply safer. Our options accommodate one to achieve exceptional levels of trustworthiness and overall performance in old stores and hospitality

  • Food Supplement Networking Business for sale
    lilongwe, Malawi
    Asking Price:£200Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£2,000-100,000 annually

    Our health is always our first concern, if we are healthy we can basically do everything we want to do like, working, making money, travelling, doing business etc, that is why our company wants to invite you to join our Health and Food supplement

  • Online Cartoonist business for sale/outsourcing
    Hongkong, Hong Kong
    Asking Price:£50Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£

    We are a freelance company that specializes on Cartoon imaging, character layout, and animation, if your business requires a regular artist but you dont want a fulltime artist, you may subscribe from us and we will do all your animation and layout

  • Water Depot Sales and Business
    Nuuk, Greenland
    Asking Price:£30000Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£

    We are champions of Water Depot installation and Servicing, we are using state of the art technology and our tanks are rust free with excellent filtration system than can last for 1-2 decades, we guarantee quality customized design that is cost ef

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