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  • Businesses for Sale in Jordan
    Amman, Jordan
    Asking Price:£4000Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£10,000$ savings

    Dear friends, a fantastic business in Jordan is now open to those who are very interested to do business. Most of us are having a hard time sustaining employees that's why we have created this new online business support to cater to your busin

  • Businesses for Sale in Japan
    Tokyo, Japan
    Asking Price:£275000Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£20000 annually

    Amazing business opportunity in Japan awaits you, I would like to offer a very ideal commercial building for sale for 275,000$, Built in 1994, well maintained, design wide open space and can accomodate 300 people at one time, got 2 medium sized of

  • Businesses for Sale in Jamaica
    Kingston, Jamaica
    Asking Price:£15000Sales Revenue :£January 2015Net Profit :£4,000-7,000 monthly avera

    Great news!! Awesome and extraordinary business in Jamaica is now for sale, Casual dining with fashion at our newest branch, we are offering a coffee and tea space for those interested to do business, its just adjacent to our Grand Diner and its g

  • Businesses for Sale in Italy
    Venice, Italy
    Asking Price:£1500Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£40% from total function p

    Palm and Pines Resorts is just awesome, the freshness is undeniable and the greeneries are just superb, their is no other place better to do your wedding planning/catering/launchings with us, we have a hall that can accomodate 500-700 pax with ful

  • Businesses for Sale in Israel
    Asking Price:£145000Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£10,000-15,000 monthly

    Inroducing a very profitable and fantastic business in Israel is MAJESTIC STEAK HOUSE (by the Sea) located at the northern central district of Israel is now open for operator tenders, You will be amazed by how it looks how it feels too, just simpl

  • Businesses for Sale in Ireland
    Dublin, Ireland
    Asking Price:£89500Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£6,000$ quarterly

    Prosperity Restaurant is very popular for its delightful Chinese and western cuisine, weekends are always fullhouse and weekdays got max reservations for steam boat and dimsum. We are now expanding the business to attract customers for our St

  • Businesses for Sale in Iran
    Asking Price:£70000Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£4,000-8,000 monthly

    Best and terrific business  in Iran now available, and its a specialty restaurant up for grabs, family functions, dinner dates, forums, meetings, and even mini concerts can be done at Marinas Seafood Garden, fresh seafoods are daily on the me

  • Businesses for Sale in India
    Delhi, India
    Asking Price:£145000Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£8,000 minimum per month

    If  you are looking for a business that will give you 8,000$ minimum profit (based on all average profit from 4 other branches) MANDY Burger House franchise is the best for you, we have mouthwatering Cheezymushroom Burger, quarter pounders, m

  • Businesses for Sale in Hungary
    Budapest, Hungary
    Asking Price:£3000Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£750$ per order

    Fantastic and breathtaking business now available in Hungary where Health is a priority,  thats why people visit fruit shops to grab great and fresh sweet fruits always, If you have a fruit business or a grocery shop but dont have fruit secti

  • Businesses for Sale in Hongkong
    Hongkong, Hong Kong
    Asking Price:£2000Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£400$ to 600$ per 2000$ or

    Health is Wealth we all say, that's why alot of people visit fruit shops to get yummy and fresh sweet fruits always, it is indeed an excellent business to open in Hongkong, we can supply you with the best and most fresh fruits like apples, gra

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