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  • Businesses for Sale in French Polynesia
    Pape\'ete, French Polynesia
    Asking Price:£24000Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£3,000-5,000$ monthly

    We are closing down our silk making business as we have been given our visa to be canadian immigrant, we are offering it for 24,000$ inclusive of the leased premises renovation, 2 silk weavers machine, 2 plain sewing machines and other fixtures, t

  • Businesses for Sale in French Guinea
    Cayenne, French Guiana
    Asking Price:£13500Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£1,000-3,000$ per month

    Inhouse Upholstery Shop will be closed down soon and we are now selling it to anybody interested and willing to pay in cash, the shop price is 13,500$ and it includes carpentry tools, paint machine, Desktop, cabinets and fabrics worth 4,000$, we a

  • Businesses for Sale in France
    Paris, France
    Asking Price:£2000Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£8,000 monthly

    TOPCARE ALLIED Complex offers clinic rooms to all private practicing doctors, preferably pediatrician, Internists and Family medicine doctors, to perform consultations and dispensary, the rental is 2,000$ monthy and inclusive of Utilities such as

  • Businesses for Sale in Finland
    Helsinki, Finland
    Asking Price:£45000Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£4,000-6,000 per month

    Aces Aluminum and Glass Supply is going to close out and the entire business is for sale at 45,000$ with over 50,000$ worth of inventories still available. We are in need of money and wants the let go of the business, for normal operations we earn

  • Businesses for Sale in Fiji
    Suva, Fiji
    Asking Price:£670000Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£100,000$ annually

    My family is doing build and sell business and we want to offer this cozy house with floor area of 105 sq. m./ 3 rooms with own toilets/ living room and dining with kitchen/ the floor inside the rooms uses wood tiles. The materials used for this p

  • Businesses for Sale in Faroe Islands
    T├│rshavn, Faroe Islands
    Asking Price:£1300000Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£50,000$ annually

    Magenta Real Estate would like to offer a very cozy commercial building for sale for 1,300,000.00, Built in 1992, well maintained, design is baroque contempory and can accomodate 400-500 people at one time, got 5 medium sized commercial spaces ins

  • Women's Clothing Shop For Sale
    Spokane, Washington, United States
    Asking Price:£33000.00Sales Revenue :£82,000.00Net Profit :£4,000.00

    This is an incredibly, classy women's clothing shop in the Skagi County, WA. Owner has another business and wants to sell this one. Lines from Fenini to True Blue, to HOBO bags and wallets, scarves and more. TURN KEY operation. Inventory, fixt

  • Businesses for Sale in Ethiopia
    Addiss Ababa, Ethiopia
    Asking Price:£65000Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£10,000-15,000$ monthly

    Dear everyone, Fitness Supreme is now ready to sell franchise at very  minimal cost. All you need is a Commercial building owned or rented, franchise fee of 65,000$ and an agreement to be signed upon payment, Regarding the Equipments we have

  • Businesses for Sale in Estonia
    Tallinn, Estonia
    Asking Price:£3500Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£5,000$ monthly

    Fine Dining Supply for sale at a very affordable price, our products are made in Germany and are guaranteed authentic and very durable. If you are going to use it for a catering business you will surely appreciate as its very durable, not prone to

  • Businesses for Sale in Equitorial Guinea
    Malabo, Equatorial Guinea
    Asking Price:£600000Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£850,000$ per project mini

    San Marino Development Corporation is looking for Sub contractors to do 8 projects for the next season, those interested must have 8 years up operations, with net asset amounting to 3million and above. Cash bond of 600,000$ is required upon accept

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