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  • Businesses for Sale in El Salvador
    San Salvador, El Salvador
    Asking Price:£204000Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£30,000$ quarterly

    My brother lost interest in his Brick production business it is now for sale, the work force is stable, raw materials is sufficient and reinforcement is near, some light revamp maybe on the accounting system and marketing strategy. Please send us

  • Businesses for Sale in Egypt
    Cairo, Egypt
    Asking Price:£1000Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£5000$

    I am Grace Lee and im growing almost complete varieties of Herbs and im selling my business for 1000$, for your money i will give you 5 seedlings for the 20 varieties that I have like thyme, basil, cinammon, pepper and many more, you can be guaran

  • Businesses for Sale in Ecuador
    Crucita, Ecuador
    Asking Price:£2500Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£450$

    We are manufacturing finely finished dining and living room tables, we are now looking for business partners to order and distribute for us. Order now and we will ship to your destination, minimum order is only 2,500$ and our tables vary in price

  • Businesses for Sale in Dominican Republic
    Santo Domingo, Dominica
    Asking Price:£5000Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£30% from wholesalers pric

    Mixware Plastic products now offers to supply plastic chairs at very cheap wholesale prices, for a minimum purchase of 5,000$ per transaction, we will give you 20% discount on your orders and we will make sure that your orders arrive fast and in m

  • Businesses for Sale in Dominica
    Roseau, Dominica
    Asking Price:£450000Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£12,000-14,000 per month

    Orange Farm is now for sale for only 450,000$ including the land. The family decide to just sell this property as there are 4 families to share it. The Oranges here are very healthy and the produce is very sweet and in great texture. Please consid

  • Businesses for Sale in Djibouti
    Djibouti, Djibouti
    Asking Price:£1250000Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£10,000$/monthly

    Awesome and fantastic business in Djibouti now available. We have a commercial building that we used to do business, we now have 7 units vacant and we would like to have it rented or sold out for excellent businesses, We will give generous discoun

  • Businesses for Sale in Denmark
    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Asking Price:£223500Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£40,000-50,000 annually

    Dear Friends, we have been in this business of growing apple trees for over 20 years and we are retiring soon, if you like to succeed and buy our business we are offering it for 223,500$ and we will gladly turn over the operations to you and we wi

  • Businesses for Sale in Czech Republic
    Prague, Czech Republic
    Asking Price:£25000Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£8-9% net

    Ilex Cement Factory will be needing investors for its expansion next year, we are offering a 8-9% net fix guaranteed interest monthly for a period of 6-10 months, our company will be expanding its machineries and adding more robotics too. Minimum

  • Businesses for Sale in Cyprus
    Nicosia, Cyprus
    Asking Price:£200000Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£3,000-5,000$

    We have a Cacao plantation and it is now for sale for 200,000$ about 0.3 acres of fertile Cacao based land, we have stopped our business due to lack of manpower and we prefer to let it go to people who got the manpower and skills to run the busine

  • Businesses for Sale in Cuba
    Asking Price:£2000Sales Revenue :£Net Profit :£25,000-100,000$

    Havana is now part of producing finest Wines in Latin America, Macro Distilleries would like to invite those who got huge land to do business with us, we are looking for contract growers to produce the best grapes for us, if you got 0.3 acres to 2

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